Zip-on packs

Passe den Rucksack
an deine Bedürfnisse an

Für den Bergsport benötigt
man bestimmte Funktionen

Deshalb haben wir unsere Familie vielseitig gestaltet.
Das "Zip-On"-Konzept ermöglicht es, das Base X-Harness in jeder Situation zu nutzen
und das Volumen nach Ihren Bedürfnissen auszutauschen.
Jedes Volumen hat eine bestimmte Form, Größe und Ausstattung,
um die sportlichen Anforderungen zu erfüllen.

Entdecke unsere aktuellen Volumen:

Ski Volumen

22L / 500g



There are different names:
Ski touring, freeriding, free-touring, etc. But only one goal: Enjoying the snow!

Equipped with skis/snowboard/accessories features and with Recco Avalanche System, this pack was specifically designed for all your winter activities.

The only question is:
Which face do you plan to do?

Mountain Volumen

33L / 550g



Whether you are planning on going for a hike, crossing a glacier or climbing a 3500m, this pack possesses all the features you need for your tours. Poles/ice axe/ropes/carabiners.. Everything has been thought!

The only question is:
Which summit do you plan to do with it?

Bike Volumen

15L / 450g



The ultimate summer activity. What a nice feeling to hit the trail after a long week work. Single trail, short/long curves, jumps, dirt,... you name it.
Helmet/goggles/tool roll.. Everything has one reserved spot on the pack.

The only question is:
How fast can you go?

Base X-Harness

3L Wassertank +
Rückenprotektor / 850g



Equipped with the X-Harness concept, this base is the common part for all your tours. Hours of tests were required to reach a perfect comfort and fit.
Pocket for a 3L water bladder, back protector compartment, ergonomic shape, and more. Our technical requirements list is long..

The only question is:
What can you reach with it?

Hilf uns, das nächste Volumen zu finden